Key Performance Indicators

Definition of a set of KPIs common or specific to the different technologies. Measurement methods for the KPIs:

Sub activity 3.1 - Key Performance Indicators
Analysis of different KPI for the EETS operations, considering possible differences between DSRC and GNSS technology. Definition of specific KPIs focused either on DSRC-based systems and GNSS-based systems as well as the definition KPIs independent of the applied system technology.

Sub activity 3.2 - KPI Measurement Methods
Creation of awareness of the measurement methods for EETS relevant KPIs. Preparation of guidelines on how variables could be measured as well as a method to determine the variables is foreseen. The harmonisation of such processes or methods for monitoring of KPIs will help to the operation of EETS.

The expected results will be described in the following deliverables:

•    D 3.1 Definition of KPIs
•    D 3.2 Description of KPI measurement methods



REETS Session - ITS World Congress in Bordeaux

A REETS project Team contributed to the success of the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France.

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REETS Final Day 2015

REETS DAY - Final day immageREETS Day 2015 - Documents released

On the 10th of November 2015, the REETS Final Day was held in Brussels.

Follow this link to download the presentations

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REETS Steering Committee

The REETS Steering Committee met on the 16th of July, together with the EC and INEA representatives to discuss and approve the mid-term evaluation report of the project concerning the key results of the analysis phase.

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