Contractual Framework and Risk Management

Contractual Framework and the Risk Management for Toll Chargers and EETS-Providers:

•    Sub activity 1.1 Contractual Framework
Definition of a list of contractual items which have to be agreed between EETS-Provider and Toll Charger in bilateral negotiations. The objectives of WP1-Sub Activity 1.1 are to define a common understanding of the different contractual architectures and a common understanding of the contractual provisions and to properly identify and locate relevant information on contractual and procedural aspects.

•    Sub activity 1.2 Risk Management
How risks can be reduced or eliminated for the benefit of all the stakeholders in the EETS-environment, especially through the cooperation between the stakeholders. Definition of a list of risks accompanied with mitigating actions for the top priority risks.
Achievement of a common understanding of the global risk management plan

The expected results will be described in the following deliverables:

•    D 1.1 Description of a Contractual Framework
•    D 1.2 Description of Risks and Mitigation Measures


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