Information Platform

Activity 7 is based on the results from the preceding work packages, especially the work packages Activity 1 to Activity 5. The creation of a part of the Interoperability Management function including a knowledge base for a help desk will take place. All Toll Chargers and AETIS are participating in the Activity 7:

•    Sub activity 7.1 Design of implementation components

The sub activity 7.1 consists of four parts:
•    Bring the results of Activities 1 - 5 to guidelines to be used
•    Knowledge base for the help desk. Further to the comprehensive implementation guide, a knowledge base tool will be set up, that will enable the help desk to easily answer to the most common questions and issues about the REETS implementation.
•    Create a part of the Interoperability Management function (incl. an information sharing platform). The information sharing platform will be designed and will be active, within the project time and aims limits.
•    Drafting of proposals on options for the implementation management after the project end

•    Sub activity 7.2 Help desk – information sharing resource platform
Maintaining and operating the information platform and a help desk as a central dispatcher function for all requests from stakeholders.  Provision of information to interested stakeholders on contractual and technical issues. The help desk shall be the direct contact for stakeholders (e.g. also manufacturers) and will provide also cross border information.

The expected results as output of the Activity 7 and its sub activities will be described in the following deliverables:

•    D7.1: REETS implementation guide
•    D7.2: REETS implementation knowledge base
•    D7.3: Report on REETS Interoperability management platform
•    D7.4: Options for a sustainable REETS/EETS interoperability management platform

EETS Information Sharing Resource Platform (EETS Info Platform)


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