Interoperability Management

Building on the existing legislative framework and organisational structure at European level. Analysis of the current situation and recommendations for operational IM processes developed:

Sub activity 5.1 Interoperability Management
A summary of the practical experience with the Interoperability Management Framework. Based on the assessment, suggestions on possible changes to the interoperability management implementation or processes.
Sub activity 5.2 Common rules for REETS operation
Definition of common rules for the scope of the REETS operation. These common rules are elaborated and developed during this activity to be put in place for Activity 7 relating to the Information Platform. Woring on a practical interpretation of the criteria according to Art 3 of the Decision 750/2009/EC.

Sub activity 5.3 Rules for a potential EETS IM operational governing body
Consideration of the results of the analysis of the sub activities 5.1 and 5.2 for a possible necessity of an EETS IM operational governing body. Recommended rules for this body are developed. To the extent that the recommendations relate to the information platform, this will be considered during deployment of Activity 7. The Information Platform under Activity 7 covers thus a part of the IM role and may constitute the basis for a potential EETS IM governing body with coverage beyond the REETS toll domains.

The expected results as output of the Activity 5 and its sub activities will be described in the following deliverables:

D 5.1 Report on Interoperability Management
D 5.2 Report on common rules for EETS operation
D 5.3 Report on rules for a potential EETS IM governing body



REETS Session - ITS World Congress in Bordeaux

A REETS project Team contributed to the success of the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France.

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REETS Final Day 2015

REETS DAY - Final day immageREETS Day 2015 - Documents released

On the 10th of November 2015, the REETS Final Day was held in Brussels.

Follow this link to download the presentations

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REETS Steering Committee

The REETS Steering Committee met on the 16th of July, together with the EC and INEA representatives to discuss and approve the mid-term evaluation report of the project concerning the key results of the analysis phase.

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