Frequently Asked Questions

This session provides Frequently Asked Questions and Answers related the EETS, collected by the interactive part of the Help Desk. All the information can be found, within the relevant sections of the Information Sharing Resource Platform.


Interoperability Management


What are the main settings and conditions for a smooth and effective interoperability management within the EETS / REETS-TEN area?



Within Activity 5 of the REETS-TEN Project, the main characteristics and aspects related to the Interoperability Management are analyzed and a set of common rules for interoperability are produced to guide the relevant activities in REETS.

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REETS Activity 5



Interoperable Toll Services in REETS


Where can I use the interoperable service within the REETS-TEN area?

I’m a customer and want to use the interoperable service in the REETS-TEN area. Who is offering interoperable services and which countries are covered?



Within the frame of Activity 8 of the REETS-TEN Project, many pilot activities are currently in operation focusing on the interoperability of toll services across different REETS Countries.

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Cross border




What is EETS and REETS?


The European Electronic Toll Service is the single, interoperable system for the collection of tolls across the European Union. The scope, objective and modality of its implementation are defined by Directive 2004/52/EC and the subsequent Commission Decision 2009/750/EC.

The REETS-TEN Project is a Project co-funded by the European Commission under the TEN-T Programme which aims at deploying EETS compliant services in a cross-border regional area including seven Member States and one EFTA Member State: Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Spain and Poland and Switzerland.

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Information concerning the different Toll Domains


Where can I find useful information concerning the different REETS/EETS Toll Domains?



Please find the information in the respective REETS Domain statements, REETS Activity 7.1 & REETS Activity 7.2.

Please find the information in the respective EETS Toll Domains per Member State, under the EETS Info Platform Links.

EETS Information Sharing Resource Platform


What is the purpose of the present EETS Information Sharing Resource Platform?



The EETS Information Sharing Resource Platform (EETS Info Platform) is based on the requests of the Decision 2009/750/EC and the Commission’s Communication COM (2012) 474 final.

The EETS Info Platform is the unique point of access to all on the internet providing EETS related information. More specifically the info platform:

a) Safeguards the interactive communication between the 28 Member States and the EC regarding: the national registers, the EETS domains, the EETS providers, the appointed Conciliation Bodies in the different States, as well as the existing NoBos.

b) Provides open to all up-to-date information on the EETS developments contributing to the exchange of best practices and dissemination of relevant information concerning EETS among professional stakeholders.


REETS/EETS Stakeholders information


If you may have basic questions regarding how the different stakeholders involved function:

  • Toll Chargers

  • Service Providers

  • Notified Bodies

  • Standardization Bodies

  • Manufactures



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