This section includes a list of the EFP members. 




  Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie
  Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur
  Ministère de la Transition Ecologique
  Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana (MITMA)
  Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti e della mobilità sostenibili (MIMS)
  Ministra Infrastruktury
  Transport- og Bygningsministeriet





AISCAT is the association of the concessionaire companies of motorways in Italy. The Italian TCs adopted a common technology for Electronic Toll Collection (DSRC GHz 5.8, ETSI 200 674-1) along more than 6,000 km and 525 toll plazas. 19 TCs share a closed interconnected network that can be considered as a one only Virtual Toll Domain. They share technical and operational aspects, in order to have a coherent behavior towards traffic events and, as far as possible, appear to the end user as a single Motorway Operator. The others manage separate stretches (CAS, APL, SITAF. SAM, Tang. di Napoli).



APCAP – Associação Portuguesa das Sociedades Concessionárias de Autoestradas ou Pontes com Portagens is the association of the private TOLLROAD CONCESSIONAIRES in Portugal. Currently there are 24 APCAP road concessionaires or subconcessionaires companies in the Mainland, Madeira and Açores, managing 3580 km of motorways and highways with and without tolls with the highest standards of safety and assistance to users. The members collect tolls using traditional toll plazas and ETC in MLFF and SLFF. The tolling system uses a combination of closed and open tolling with 270 toll plazas. More than 4.2M of clients are registered near the ETC Provider using OBUs to pay the tolls.


ASFA (association professionnelle des sociétés françaises concessionnaires ou exploitantes d’autoroutes ou d’ouvrages routiers)  is a professional association comprising all actors involved in motorway exploitation and concession in France. Its 26 members operate a network of more than 9.200 km covering all of the country. Toll collection is mainly performed through ETC, through a dual system: a national system for light vehicles (Liber-t) with more than 10 millions subscribers and an EETS for HGV (TIS-PL) with more than 1 million users registered.
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The Austrian EETS Domain is covering a network of 2.249 km including all high- and expressways in Austria. ASFINAG as the Toll Charger has concluded a contract with ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH who is the operator of the toll system. The tolling system for vehicles above 3,5t is a multilane free flow system based on DSCR technology with more than 1.000.000 registered vehicles.

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DARS d.d. is the toll charger for the HVs tolling system - DarsGo system in Slovenia and is owned by the Republic of Slovenia. The toll road network covers all national motorways and highways in Slovenia, in total 623.3 km. The DarsGo system uses the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) technology and has more than 377,000 HVs registered.

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Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung

Federal Customs Administration (FCA) is the toll charger for the national tolling system Heavy Vehicle Charge (HVC) in Switzerland and is owned as an administration by the Confederation. The toll road network covers all national, cantonal and local roads in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein, in total about 84'000 km. The FCA offers the foreign user three services; EETS, the manual service via booking in at the check-in terminals at the border stations, and the national electronic service emotach®. More than 900'000 foreign and 50'000 domestic HGVs are registered.

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Hellastron (HELLENIC ASSOCIATION of TOLL ROAD NETWORK) is the Greek association of 7 Private Concessionaires and Publically Operated Egnatia Odos. It covers a network of over 2.145km, with 48 mainline and 101 ramp plazas. Toll collection is performed in manual lanes, electronic lanes (DSRC 5.8Ghz), and in some motorways Automatic Payment Machines. The toll network uses a combination of open tolling with a flat fee (Attiki Odos and Rion-Antirrion Bridge) and Open / Zone based Tolling System (all other motorways). Specifically in Olympia Odos, in addition to the Open/Zone based system, a closed ETC system operates only for Olympia Odos ETC subscribers. In total over 900k customers are registered in the 7 companies that operate also as ETC providers (all companies except Moreas) to pay tolls using OBU’s.

Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa (KAS)

The National Revenue Administration (KAS) is the toll charger for the national tolling system – ViaToll in Poland. EETS Toll Domain governed by KAS covers over 3.670 km. Actual system is based on DSRC technology, but now in Poland the new system – e-TOLL is being implemented – it will use the GNSS technology and is estimated to register about 1560000 HGVs.

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  Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt.

Polski Autostrady Koncesyjne (PAK)

Polski Autostrady Koncesyjne (PAK) is the association for the co-operation of Polish concession companies. PAK is represented through SAM in the EETS Facilitation Platform.
Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska S.A. (SAM) is the toll charger on A4 Motorway Katowice-Kraków in Poland, in total 61 km. SAM uses the DSRC technology.

SAM website


SEOPAN is the association of the private toll road concessionaires in Spain. SEOPAN toll charger members collect more than 50% of their revenue via electronic tolls using DSRC (5.8Ghz) for a toll road network of in a total of 1 876 km throughout Spain. The tolling system VIA-T uses a combination of closed and open tolling with 156 toll plazas. More than 3.1 million OBUs (for both passenger cars and heavy vehicles) are nowadays registered and operating in the VIA-T service.

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Storebælt A/S

Tolled road network: The Storebælt fixed Link between Korsør and Nyborg
Tolling technology: DSRC
Ownership: A/S Storebælt is a subsidiary of the state owned company Sund & Bælt Holding A/S.
Storebælt is the form of the fixed Link between Korsør and Nyborg 18 km long across Storebælt. The link consists of a suspension bridge, a low level bridge and a tunnel. The link carries both road and railway.


Viapass is an Interregional Entity under public law in Belgium. The public Service monitors, coordinates and controls the kilometer charge for HGV over 3.5 tons in force in Belgium since April 1, 2016. As of 1 January 2018, the kilometer charge also applies to the so called “mini-trailers”, trailer-towing vehicles of category N1 with body code BC.
Viapass oversees the operability of the GNSS EETS kilometer charging and the correct functioning of the infrastructure on behalf of the three Belgian Regions / Toll Chargers: Flanders Region; Sofico (for the Walloon Region); Brussels Capital Region.
There is a fourth small and autonomous Toll Domain in Belgium: Tunnel Liefkenshoek (using DSRC).
Viapass also ensures central coordination and contract management with the service providers and is responsible for the monitoring of the integrity of the financial flows.

More information on Viapass website



Axxès SAS

Axxès SAS is registered as EETS Provider in France since 21.12.2015.
Axxès is a leader in the European mobility market for heavy goods vehicles.
Pioneer in interoperability, Axxès is the first company to introduce electronic toll collection in Europe starting with France in 2007, then a pioneer in Belgium supporting Viapass introduction as early as 2016 and now the first EETS Provider in Italy.
Axxès growth is ensured thanks to a direct link with customers and on a reliable network of distribution partners throughout Europe.
With more than 30,000 international transport companies having chosen our solution with one OBU and one contract to travel across Europe, Axxès is continuously looking forward to offer better services, more networks coverage and innovations taking care of its customers and toll chargers relationships in an open market.

BroBizz A/S

BroBizz A/S has been approved and registered as an ‘EETS issuer’ since 2016. This registration allows us to offer our customers an electronic device that can be used to pay for as many toll roads as possible in the EU. BroBizz A/S is ISO 9001 certified since 2014.

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DKV Euro Service GmbH + Co. KG

DKV Euro Service GmbH & Co. KG is a service provider for interoperable toll services. DKV launched its first own OBU in 2007 on the French market as the first non-French toll service provider. The toll services have steadily been enriched and extended to more toll domains (DE, BE, AT, IT, ES, PT,..), in which the DKV customers use the suitable OBUs. The services also encompass eReporting, online tools for route planning and billing analyses and more convenient service packages according to the DKV concept “You drive, we care”.  

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Eurotoll SAS

Eurotoll is registered as EETS-Provider in France since 2016. Specialist in toll services for heavy goods vehicles since 2006, we provide e-toll solutions that allow hauliers to move freely across 16 European countries and over 92,000 km of toll networks (motorways, bridges, tunnels, truck parks).
Their objectives: make the toll easier for transport companies, save them time by handling all administrative procedures on their behalf and help them rationalize their toll budget.

MS Europe B.V.

MSTS Tolls is registered as EETS provider in the Netherlands since 2019. MSTS plans to launch an interoperable (EETS) box in 2021 to make traveling throughout Europe even easier using our innovative payment technology. Fleet managers can oversee transportation across 20 toll domains and manage the entire fleet’s OBUs at any time through an advanced online portal.

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Telepass S.p.A.

Telepass is registered as EETS Provider in Italy since March 23, 2016. Telepass is the EU market leader offering tolling service for Heavy Good Vehicles in 13 countries. Telepass provides tolling services for light vehicles in 4 countries too.

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Toll4Europe GmbH

Toll4Europe is a joint venture of the four toll-experienced companies: T-Systems, Daimler Truck, DKV Euro Service and euroShell. With its digital and service-oriented DNA Toll4Europe has set itself the goal of reducing the complexity in European tolling and ensuring greater efficiency on all sides with an interoperable service at highest quality.
Toll4Europe is registered as EETS-Provider in Germany since 2017 and offers the following toll domains (version 29.03.2022):
Germany BAG, Belgium Viapass, Austria (Asfinag), France, Spain, Portugal, Germany-Herren-Tunnel, Germany-Warnow Crossing, Belgium-Liefkenshoek-Tunnel, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland and Poland.  The Scandinavian bridges Storebælt (Denmark) and Øresund (Sweden) are currently in the accreditation process.

Links to information on Toll4Europe:

Tolltickets GmbH

Tolltickets is registered as EETS-Provider in Germany since 2018. Tolltickets offers electronic tolling services for HV-users mainly as white-label service provider in cooperation with fleet-card and fleet management business partners. In addition to full EETS-services, Tolltickets provides products and services enabling the access to various local and regional Toll Domains, i.e. OBUs, eVignettes and classical paper vignettes for any vehicle class (including light vehicles).

TotalEnergies Marketing Services SA

TotalEnergies Marketing Services is committed to simplify the mobility of its European professional customers. TotalEnergies Marketing Services has been offering toll payment solutions for 30 years and provides to its customers the easiest way to drive across Europe.
Additionally, TotalEnergies Marketing Services is an issuer of the Eurotrafic fuel card which allows to pay tolls, optimizes fuel costs and streamlines fleet management.
TotalEnergies Marketing Services launched its first Electronic Toll Device branded PASSango in 2007. Nowadays, PASSango is accredited in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden (Øresund bridge) and Denmark (Storebælt bridge). Drivers can use this electronic device to pay the toll and truck parkings.

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Eurowag is one of the leading provider of innovative road mobility payment solutions in Europe, and has been a registered EETS provider since 2017. Eurowag’s aim is to simplify the lives of road transport operators and deliver affordable solutions for their business needs. Whether it’s fuel, toll payments, tax refunds, fleet management, financial services, or simple advice, Eurowag is ready to help customers successfully move hundreds of thousands of vehicles across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.



E100 International Trade Sp. z o.o

E100 International Trade is EETS solution provider since 2017. Since 1999, the E100 Group handles non-cash transactions through its self-signed fuel card - E100 card. E100 is currently the only fuel card on the market which connects Europe and Asia and allows to cross the two continents without stops. Today our product is used by 10 000+ transport companies where 85% of them are coming from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkey, and Slovakia. We have more than 150,000 E100 cards active and directly assigned to the client’s vehicles. We deliver toll services in 29 countries with 24/7 specialist support.

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Egis Easytrip Services

Egis Easytrip Services S.A. operates under the brand “Easytrip Transport Services” to deliver road mobility services to international and domestic transport companies across Europe.
Easytrip portfolio of 6 service lines includes one of the largest toll payment coverage in Europe, complemented with VAT & Excise refund capabilities, multimodal ferry, train and tunnel booking services, fuel payment solutions, driver representation services as well as telematics.
With 30 years of experience and more than 150 employees, Easytrip presence spans more than 16 countries in Europe and beyond.
  Euroshell Deutschland GmbH

Satellic NV

Satellic is a Belgian company with more than 100 employees located in Diegem, Belgium. It was appointed in 2014 by the Belgian Regions to collect on their behalf the toll from HGVs. In less than two years, Satellic designed, built, financed, and made operational the first fully EETS-compliant kilometre charging system in Europe. The company still operates and maintain the system.  Satellic has a vast experience in all the aspects of the deployment of an intelligent kilometre charging system and has more than 600 000 active OBUs installed in trucks coming from 100 different countries.

Trafineo GmbH & Co KG

Trafineo is a German service provider, based in Bochum. We are specialized in the cashless processing of toll and other vehicle related services. We give international fuel card issuers access to all relevant toll services in Europe and provide them with the processed and aggregated transaction data.In partnership with the Italian toll expert Telepass S.P.A. we provide an integrated offer for the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) since early 2018 as one of the firsts to go to market. From the beginning on customers could handle their tolls in Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France and on Poland’s A4 (operated by SAM). In 2019 we then launched EETS in Germany and Scandinavia (Norway and Swedish / Danish Bridges), followed by Switzerland and Hungary in January 2021.Our aim for EETS is to fully cover Europe to enable our client’s customers to JUST DRIVE EUROPE!

Union Tank Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG (UTA)

UTA is a leading mobility service provider with a Europe-wide multi-brand acceptance network for fuel supplies, comprehensive toll solutions and a wide range of additional services for en route provision in the transport & logistics and the light fleet sector. With the UTA Full Service Card, customers benefit from a proven system for cashless settlement of tolls, fuel purchases and further mobility services. With the UTA One® OBU UTA offers the most comprehensive EETS service on the market.

Via Verde Portugal

Via Verde is an electronic collection solutions provider, based in Portugal, with an extensive track record in delivering innovative solutions to the wider national mobility market. Its current portfolio ranges from OBU-based to app-based mobility services, including highway toll payment, on-street and off-street parking, fuelling and public transportation, to mention a few. Via Verde is a worldwide benchmark in the electronic toll charge system, reaching over 85% of the total Portuguese highway transactions, continuously improving on geographical expansion with interoperability solutions and acting as a gateway for EETS Providers, assuring the connection to Portuguese toll chargers. The technology used has expanded to digital services creating a mobility services ecosystem and fostering connectivity through multimodal integration.