Frequently Asked Questions

This session provides Frequently Asked Questions and Answers related the EETS, collected by the interactive part of the Help Desk. All the information can be found, within the relevant sections of the Information Sharing Resource Platform.

As example:

In order to receive information regarding EETS field in a Member state and the EETS Stakeholders formally established in this state, please enter to the “Links” services (Links), on the direct link of the Member State of interest.

In order to receive the information matrix regarding the cross border deployments cases, please enter to the “cross border link” under the “Best practices” services (Best Practices), on the direct link.

In order to receive guidance and interpretation for the findings under the analysis phase of project REETS, please enter to the “return of experience” (Return on Experience), under the “Best practices” section.

Interoperability Management


What are the main settings and conditions for a smooth and effective interoperability management within the EETS / REETS-TEN area?



Within Activity 5 of the REETS-TEN Project, the main characteristics and aspects related to the Interoperability Management are analyzed and a set of common rules for interoperability are produced to guide the relevant activities in REETS.

For further information, please get into the link

REETS Activity 5