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This section provides a list of interactive Links – direct web addresses to the relevant EC websites. Specific interest is related to relevant with EETS Legislation, EETS Commitee activities and other EETS related documents.

EETS Legal Requirements

Main Legal requirements

Directive 2004/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the Community:

Commission Decision 2009/750/EC of 6 October 2009 on the defi nition of the European Electronic Toll Service and its technical elements:

Other Legal requirements

Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 March 2007 establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (Inspire):

ITS action plan: Communication from the Commission — Action plan for the deployment of intelligent transport systems in Europe (COM(2008) 886 final):

Directive 2010/40/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 July 2010 on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport:

Guide for the application of the directive on the interoperability of Electronic road Toll Systems (2011):

COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Brussels, 30.8.2012 COM(2012) 474 final - Implementation of the European Electronic Toll Service:


As reference is the EC web address with the list of links per MS:

EETS Studies

EETS relevant studies:

State of the Art of Electronic Road Tolling  (MOVE/D3/2014-259):


Technology options for the European Electronic Toll Services:


EC Public consultations

Review of Directive 2004/52/EC and Decision 2009/750/EC on the European Electronic Toll Service

Consultation period: 8/07/2016 - 2/10/2016

Online questionnaire

More information: